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 My Approach

I offer a genuine, open and accepting environment for us to work together.  We will carefully talk about what is troubling you, how it is affecting you, and what you want to be different.  We will look closely at issues that you bring, identify underlying factors, and develop new strategies.


This process can offer a chance to learn how to respond to your situation more effectively, move past obstacles, and gain a greater insight into your inner workings.  This process may also involve a search for a link between your past and present to understand your current challenges in fuller context.  

We will be curious together - about you, your life, and what matters to you

deeply.  Through this exploration, we will restore the overlooked or forgotten parts of you and make meaning of your life as a whole.  This will be a rewarding process of discovery, love and acceptance - a curious journey to the unknown -for a more fulfilling existence.  

Together, we will explore your internal and external world to find a solution or to bring a resolution, where you feel that you and your experiences are understood and that there is hope to move forward.  

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Education and Credentials

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.  I graduated from Adler University with a Masters in Counselling Psychology and have a Bachelor of Arts from University of British Columbia.  I have training in a number of evidence-based therapeutic modalities, and I utilize a combination of modalities and up-to-date research to bring relevant knowledge, tools and perspectives into our therapy. 

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