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I offer individual therapy for a range of concerns including anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationship stress, anger, trauma, attachment, low self-esteem and more.  Sometimes clients also come just with the feeling that things could be better and life can be more satisfying.  Therapy can help you build more effective strategies to navigate stressful life experiences and achieve emotional resilience and flexibility.      


I work with couples in areas of effective communication, emotional intimacy and trust, conflict management, resentment, co-dependency, infidelity and other concerns and stressors within the relationship.  We will work together to gain clarity, rework the disruptive patterns, and  promote healing and shared development as a solid and functional unit. 

Session Format

How we structure sessions - intervals, duration, and ease of commitment -  can be factors that affect your therapy outcome.  Those physical elements in therapy can affect how we build momentum together and maintain the subtle, incremental movement within you.  I offer both in-person and virtual sessions of different lengths.  You can choose which will work best and can adjust as we move forward.  You can also mix in-person and virtual sessions depending on your schedule. 

Treatment Modalities

I integrate a range of therapeutic approaches that are experiential, existential and meaning-making.  These include: narrative therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, psychodynamics, transactional model, internal family systems, and Gottman method.  I bring together those treatment modalities to help create a road map for lasting change.

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